Lauren Peralta | 美女攝影師搞自拍

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Lauren Peralta 是一個住在紐約攝影師,她喜歡透過鏡頭捕捉自己最美的一面,因為她不害怕在鏡頭下的自己。

她有一系列精美的照片在Flickr上建議觀看她most viewedmost interesting的照片,或直接觀看她的相片集。


One Comment on "Lauren Peralta | 美女攝影師搞自拍"

  1. troll December 31, 2011 at 2:58 am · Reply

    these were very …..artsy? but also seems to be mixed with the classic myspace/facebook “angle shots” that you see on so many pages. Being a guy I obviously like the half naked girl photos …but as far as these being called good pieces of art is a very hard thing to acknowledge . I mean the last phto in this string you have a good depressed thing going but then i see the fish tank on the table…i mean come on!

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